Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless gas that’s naturally found in our atmosphere. Businesses across various industries rely on bulk CO2 systems for their operations. Read more about the practical applications of carbon dioxide in this blog.

CO2 Uses in Industries

Water Treatment

A practical application of carbon dioxide is regulating pH in water treatment processes. CO2 dissolves and forms carbonic acid when injected into water, dissociating into bicarbonates, carbonates, and hydrogen ions, reducing the pH content.

CO2 offers major safety and cost advantages over treatment systems that require sulfuric acid. As a low-cost treatment option, bulk CO2 systems provide various benefits, including:

  • Limited environmental impact due to CO2’s mild nature
  • Increased employee safety by eliminating exposure to sulfuric acid
  • Reduced costs associated with delivering, storing, and using hazardous acidic materials
  • Limited corrosive acid use, which increases durability and minimizes maintenance of equipment.

Fire Suppression

CO2 fire suppression systems are a quality alternative for rooms that store expensive electronic equipment. As an electrically non-conductive gas, CO2 extinguishes the fire before it spreads and doesn’t harm stored equipment. When a fire is detected, the suppression system discharges a blanket of CO2 and displaces the oxygen in the room. Other benefits of using bulk CO2 fire suppression system include:

  • CO2 doesn’t leave any residue behind, eliminating the need for clean-up
  • Installing a bulk CO2 fire suppression system removes the risk of water damage
  • CO2 is a natural gas and doesn’t harm the environment.

Cultivation and Extraction

CO2 plays a critical role in photosynthesis, and increasing levels in your cannabis garden helps promote crop growth. Using bulk CO2 to enhance your growing operations provides various benefits, including:

Quicker Growth

Plants absorb more light and nutrients quicker when CO2 levels are increased, which results in faster growth and better yields.

Greater Temperature Resistance

Increasing CO2 levels in your grow room allow cultivators to keep their room at higher temperatures, which also helps promote plant growth.

Increased Security

Enriching a cultivation space with CO2 means you don’t have to vent out toxic air, which allows you to seal your grow room.

Bulk CO2 also plays a major role in cannabis extraction. By controlling temperature to pressure during phase changes, CO2 helps protect cannabinoid integrity.


Research facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, and universities use CO2 for several applications. These include:

  • Minimally invasive surgeries
  • Respiratory stimulation
  • Organ incubators
  • Lab work

The pharmaceutical industry uses bulk CO2 for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which extends the shelf life of medicine during transport.


Carbonation is the process where CO2 is added to liquid; this technique adds fizz to soda, prevents flat-tasting beer, and enhances the freshness of bottled wine. Bulk beverage carbonation occurs in beverage bottling facilities, bars, and restaurants.


The food industry requires a steady supply of bulk CO2 for its MAP processes. MAP replaces the oxygen surrounding food and replaces it with an atmospheric mix of food-grade CO2 and nitrogen. This helps ensure the quality and freshness of packaged foods during delivery.

What Is Food-Grade CO2?

CO2 needs to be 99.9% pure in order to be considered food-grade quality. Lesser-quality CO2 may introduce unwanted hydrocarbons into your products.


Bulk CO2 is combined with argon to prevent atmospheric contamination during welding processes. This shielding gas mixture helps reduce the need for post-weld treatments, reduces costs, and improves efficiency.

Are you frustrated with your current provider’s incomplete services and unreliable delivery? Contact CryoGas and see how our delivery system guarantees an uninterrupted flow of bulk CO2.

Bulk CO2 Services Provided by CryoGas

CryoGas is a full-service CO2 supplier that pays close attention to your businesses’ unique needs. It’s our goal to provide comprehensive services to all of our clients, including:

CO2 Tank Service

Bulk CO2 storage systems have a simple function but are complex. Our onsite tank services make sure your business has an uninterrupted supply of CO2 and keeps your employees safe. Our process includes:

  • Equipment inspection and monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipment repairs and upgrades
  • Gas sensor calibration

We also offer safety awareness training programs, so you can make sure you always have a qualified CO2 operator on location.

Vaporizer Service

Vaporizers help turn stored CO2 from a liquid to gas and is critical for uninterrupted operations. We offer vaporizer services that ensure properly working equipment. Our technician team is trained to spot minor issues.

CO2 Refrigeration

We offer preventive maintenance that helps enhance the efficiency of your CO2 refrigeration system. Our services include case cleaning, ice removal, and dehumidification and help ensure continuous operations.

Maintenance Plans

CryoGas offers customized maintenance plans that are ideal for customers that own their equipment. Our full-service plans include:

  • Remote tank monitoring systems
  • Tank upgrades
  • Annual inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Supply arrangements

Our industry-leading maintenance plans help keep your critical systems working.

Our Innovative Bulk CO2 Delivery System

CryoGas has developed a safe and reliable delivery system that guarantees an uninterrupted supply of CO2 to help your business maintain operations. Our system is simple: We transport liquefied gasses in company-owned trucks that carry cryogenic vessels ranging in sizes from 600 to 15,000 gallons. The tanks are equipped with an inner vessel that’s protected by an insulated outer vessel. Once our trucks arrive at your facility, a piping system carries gas from the inner vessel to your onsite tanks. We can help install the tanks and provide remote monitoring services to help eliminate supply shortages.

Why Use CryoGas as Your Bulk CO2 Supplier?

CryoGas is a locally owned company that specializes in the safe and efficient delivery of liquefied bulk CO2. Our bulk solutions help our partners consistently create the best products and services. Contact CryoGas today if you’re worried about the reliability of your current gas delivery system.