CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

CO2 is a safe alternative to fire sprinkler systems.

Carbon dioxide is an excellent fire suppression agent.

Protect Your People and Your Machinery With Reliable, Effective CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

Unlike water or foaming agents, CO2 is an effective fire suppression alternative for machinery rooms and server storage areas that are sensitive to moisture. It is colorless and odorless and electrically non-conductive, which means it can put the fire out, prevent it from spreading, and not harm the electronic equipment in the room. CO2 is ideal for areas such as engine rooms, power stations, and unoccupied rooms with large industrial machinery.  

This is a delicate balance, however. Areas that used CO2 for fire suppression must be safe for occupants and first responders.  Proper equipment sizing requires a certain amount of storage with the proper vaporization and flow.

CryoGas can not only deliver the CO2 your system needs, but also provide safety consultants and mechanical inspections, so you’re confident your fire suppression system will work when you need it.  

 Benefits of CO2 Fire Suppression Systems 

  • Fast Acting Extinguishing – Not just containment 
  • Minimize Fire and Smoke Damage 
  • Minimize Water Damage and Cleanup Time 
  • Protect Critical Assets and People 

Ensure a Safe, Reliable Supply of Fire Suppression CO2

“The input from Cryogas was invaluable in the project to make it a success with a safe product to allow the St. Louis Fire Department to operate a state of the art fire apparatus. ” – TIM F. CT, CFPS, CSP (Fire Protection Engineer)

Why CryoGas?

When your business depends on a constant supply of high-quality CO2, your best asset is a partnership with CryoGas. We are a locally owned company that specializes in safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of liquefied CO2, and our mission is to help your business create the best products and services possible. CO2 fire suppression systems must be maintained and inspected regularly to make sure they are free of leaks and ready at a moment’s notice. 

If you’re worried about the reliability of your current gas delivery option, if you lack the resources to maintain your CO2 systems yourself, or if your growth means you need new gas storage and delivery solutions, call CryoGas. We have the most effective solution.

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How Can CryoGas Help You?