From refrigeration and cooling to carbonated beverages, CryoGas is an important supplier of high-quality commercial and industrial CO2.

CryoGas evaluates your CO2 usage and recommends the most efficient solution for your company’s needs.

CO2 is a Universal Gas for Many Commercial and Industrial Applications

In its liquid form, CO2 can freeze foods quickly, keep perishable items cold and maintain the ideal environment for food during transportation. It also can carbonate soft drinks and beer, is used as a raw material in many industrial processes, and is used for construction and manufacturing, along with healthcare and environmental uses.

Water Treatment

CO2 is an important part of reducing the pH of water.

Fire Supression

A reliable CO2 supply is key for an important safety system.

Cultivation & Extraction

CO2 extraction is a standard method for CBD, THC and food ingredient industries. 

Research (Medical/Incubators)

Ultra-high purity CO2 is used for many medical and research applications. 


Give your beer the bubbles it needs.

Food Applications

CO2 is used in applications from food packaging to flash freezing.


CO2 is an important shield gas for MIG welding.

How Can CryoGas Help You?

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