Frequently Asked Questions

Not all CO2 needs are the same. If you’re wondering how CryoGas can fit into your supply chain, this FAQ might have some answers.

Our partnership with Cee Kay Supply allows us to handle any industrial or commercial CO2 need.

CryoGas or Cee Kay Supply?

Through our partnership with Cee Kay, we can solve any CO2 delivery service you need. While we offer a wide range of services, there are situations where one company may be better equipped to help you. CryoGas can:

Still unsure? Call us and tell us your issue or what you need and we can make sure you get the best services.

Industrial grade bulk co2 tank on the exterior of a large factory


How to read a gauge?

Co2 tanks have 3 gauges you should watch: There is an empty / full, but tank pressure and line pressure are also important!

Tank Troubleshooting?

It is important to look for ice on any Co2 tank.  Ice usually indicates a problem.

Why do I need a back-up/reserve?

Tanks are mechanical and at some point will need repair.  Lost sales will cost far more than a back-up tank.

When should I upgrade my system?

Economics work best when the customer receives one delivery per month.  High traffic applications, like convenience stores may be the exception here.

I am currently doing X , but want to do Y and maybe Z now. Can I use my current set up?

This usually refers to flow.  “We want to add a process to our existing Co2 system.”  Can the tank handle the extra flow requirement.  Contact Us

How Can CryoGas Help You?