Cultivation & Extraction

Carbon dioxide equals higher quality and better yields. 

Have you recently obtained a license in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Illinois to cultivate marijuana for medical or recreational use? 

Boost Yields Through CO2 Cultivation

Supplementing cannabis grow operations has been proven and commonly used method to increase plant yields and provide higher quality products, particularly for indoor and greenhouse growing operations. If CO2 levels are too low, plants will suffer which is why cultivators actively put CO2 back into their growing environment during and after harvest.  


CryoGas supports this by helping growers design and implement integrated CO2 cultivation systems. Our CO2 systems are modular and can be as a few high pressure cylinders or more advanced installation with customized delivery systemequipped with CO2 dosing controls to dial in the PPM (Parts Per Million) evenly throughout the facility. Our microbulk and bulk CO2 capabilities mean we can consult on right sizing a system depending on your demands. 

Monitoring and Controls

Your CO2 delivery system performs a simple function, introducing pure CO2 into a controlled environment. The advantage that CryoGas gives you is we can supply the tools your operation needs to measure existing CO2, monitor the amount of gas you are introducing into the environment, and the ability to precisely control how much gas you are using.

Advantages of Using CO2

  • Produces no excess water vapor or heat compared to burning propane or natural gas.
  • Released gas is easily controlled and monitored.
  • More cost effective than burning fuels
  • Smoke from burning fuels can contain substances that are harmful to plants

High-Quality CO2 For Your Indoor Cultivation Needs

When yield and product quality matters, call CryoGas. Our CO2 supply services are what your indoor cultivation business needs to deliver consistent, superior products and we have experience and equipment to meet your grow house needs

An Emerging Market – Marijuana Cultivation and Extraction

As more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, the demand for the product has grown exponentially over the last decade and CryoGas has adapted to meet the needs. Indoor cultivation of marijuana is quickly becoming an important market but this also means that large-scale growing operations have to operate mostly by trial and error. As with other indoor agricultural applications, introducing CO2 during the growing process will result in stronger plants and increased yields which means a facility dedicated to growing marijuana needs a safe and reliable CO2 delivery system typically from a microbulk or bulk tank on the exterior of the building

What about CO2 for Extraction? 

CO2 that has been frozen to a supercritical point is also an important solvent that can dissolve substances into parts that can be removed. This process is used to extract CBD oils, THC, and other cannabinoid compounds that can be further refined for various uses. CO2 is rapidly becoming the leading solvent in extraction as a safer alternative to flammable hydrocarbons such as Butane and Propane. 

Dry ice is an effective tool for extracting resin from cannabis for producing hash oil. Many methods of extrashing hash oil require the use of harmful solvents but dry ice in pellet or rice form can be used instead to remove plant matter for pure hash oil.

These processes require a steady supply of pure CO2 and while some growers have turned to burning fossil fuels to produce CO2, there is no substitute for a CO2 delivery system that can be monitored and controlled. Cryogas is the perfect partner for businesses looking to take advantage of increasing marijuana demand with their own growing operation. We have designed and installed integrated Co2 delivery systems for indoor growers for years and our experience and expertise can help growers get the most out of their operations.

$30 billion

With 33 states legalizing marijuana for medical and in some cases recreational use, the marijuana and CBD business in the U.S. is expected to grow to $30.4 billion by 2023.

Why CryoGas?

When your business depends on a constant supply of high-quality CO2 for cultivation, your best asset is a partnership with CryoGasWork with a small company with big resources, we are a Missouri and family owned company that specializes in safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of liquefied CO2 and our mission is to help your business produce the best products and services possible. CryoGas is the ideal CO2 supplier for agricultural businesses in established or emerging markets such as marijuana cultivation and extraction, that need a steady, safe supply of gas to increase yields.  

 If you are worried about the reliability of your current gas delivery option, if you lack the resources to maintain your CO2 systems yourself, or if your growth means you need new gas storage and delivery solutions, call CryoGas, we have the most effective solution and equipment in stock 

How Can CryoGas Help You?

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