Food Grade

Food-grade CO2 requires careful handling and processes that eliminate impurities and contaminants.

Ensure the highest-quality product with pure CO2 from CryoGas.

Our Processes Ensure Your Food-Grade CO2 Is of the Highest Quality

The FDA’s standard for “food grade” CO2 is that the gas needs to be 99.9% pure carbon dioxide. Using CO2 that is of lesser quality can introduce harmful hydrocarbons into your products. If you use CO2 at any point during your food production process or even as an additive to the product itself, it’s important to source your CO2 from a reputable supplier that understands not only how to handle CO2 intended for food purposes, but can document it as well. 

Our value comes through our confidence that the CO2 we provide your business is perfect for your food application. CryoGas can not only reliably deliver the food-grade CO2 your business needs, but we can explain exactly how we maintain that purity and provide you with documentation. This is proof the gas you’re using is the highest quality.

If You Are Unsure About the Quality of Your Food Grade CO2, Call CryoGas

Don’t settle for lesser quality or questionable methods—call CryoGas. Our CO2 supply services are what your business needs to deliver consistent, quality products.

Why CryoGas?

When your business depends on a constant supply of high-quality CO2, your best asset is a partnership with CryoGas. We are a locally owned company that specializes in safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of liquefied CO2, and our mission is to help your business create the best products and services possible. Food-Grade gas is a product that has been handled with care, so you are confident your product is free of contaminants.

If you’re worried about the reliability of your current gas delivery option, if you lack the resources to maintain your CO2 systems yourself, or if your growth means you need new gas storage and delivery solutions, call CryoGas. We have the most effective solution.

How Can CryoGas Help You?