Food Applications

Keep your food fresh with high-purity CO2 from CryoGas.

Packaging and food-grade gases for your daily needs.

CO2 is an Important Substance for Maintaining the Highest Quality in Food Applications

The CO2 we deliver at CryoGas is as pure as possible. One of the common questions we get from customers is if there’s a difference between “normal” grade CO2 gases and “food grade” gases. There is certainly a difference, and we make sure your CO2 is correct for food preservation purposes or even as an ingredient in your products. The food-grade gas we sell isn’t the same that’s used to power paintball guns or life rafts; with CryoGas, you can be sure it was handled and packaged with the greatest care. 

Supercritical (sometimes referred to as “subcritical”) fluid extraction uses the ability of CO2 to be an excellent solvent under a careful combination of temperature and pressure.

Person packaging raspberries for commercial distribution

How Can CryoGas Help You?