Water Treatment

CryoGas has your solution for water (recreational and home pools) and waste-water treatment. Carbon dioxide is the safest alternative to mineral acids used in pH control.

Carbon dioxide is an extremely effective chemical for decreasing the levels of pH in alkaline water. CryoGas will evaluate your specific process and recommend the most cost effective and efficient solution for water treatment application.


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CryoGas offers a variety of different options, based on your CO2 usage:

Bulk Tanks Microbulk Tanks   Cylinders
Large water treatment applications

A 12,000 LBS CO2 storage vessel (pictured above) is the perfect solution for our customer's long-term, high flow applications.
Medium water treatment applications

For medium to small applications where high flow is still important, but the longevity is not, 2,200 LBS microbulk tanks (pictured above) are a perfect answer. These microbulk tanks will keep up with the flow performance of larger CO2 storage vessels, with less cost to the process.  


Small water treatment applications

Small cylinder applications are available to the occasional-use customer, where CO2 may need to be stored for long periods of time, but must be available when called upon.