Industrial Applications

CryoGas is St. Louis's trusted supplier of carbon dioxide. Through our partnership with Cee Kay Supply, we can meet the needs of your industrial application. Whether you have a small welding shop or large scale production, CryoGas will evaluate and recommend the most effective and efficient solution.

CryoGas will help evaluate your CO2 usage and recommend the most efficient solution for your companies needs. If you've been told by someone else that it can't be done, try us!

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CryoGas offers a variety of different options, based on your CO2 usage:

Bulk Tanks Microbulk Tanks   Cylinders
Large industrial applications

There are a vast amount of applications in the industrial and manufacturing markets. CO2 for welding, cleaning and cooling can all be supplied by larger bulk vessels, much like the one pictured above.
Medium industrial applications

The 2200 LBS vessel (pictured above), also available in 4400 LBS, bridge the gap between smaller bulk tanks and cylinder applications. These CO2 tanks are modular and can be upgraded as your business grows.
Small industrial applications

CO2 cylinder applications are unlimited. As your CO2 supplier, CryoGas can help your business with any smaller applications within your manufacturing process.