Fire Suppression

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an odorless, colorless, non-conductive gas that is extremely effective as a fire suppressant. 

When applied to a fire, CO2 drastically reduces the oxygen level of the room, making it nearly impossible for combustion to occur. Unlike sprinkler and foam suppression systems, CO2 fire suppression systems require little to no clean-up.

CryoGas will help evaluate your CO2 usage and recommend the most efficient solution for your companies needs. If you've been told by someone else that it can't be done, try us!


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CryoGas offers a variety of different options, based on your CO2 usage:

Bulk Tanks Microbulk Tanks   Cylinders
Large fire suppression applications

Fire suppression units serve an extremely important purpose and having product when you need it, can be challenging all by itself. CryoGas understands the difficulty of 24 hour service and is here to help. Larger CO2 vessels with a transfer pump and motor system allow our customers the ability to recharge their fire suppression tanks, when needed, and refill during normal business hours.
Medium fire suppression applications

Microbulk tanks bridge the gap between smaller bulk tanks and cylinder applications. These CO2 tanks are modular and can be upgraded as your business grows.
Small fire suppression applications

Have a smaller fire suppression application? We can help! CryoGas can provide the right about of cylinders to keep you up and running.